Massacre at Passchendaele - The New Zealand Story

Glyn Harper

In the annals of military history, the First World War battle of Passchendaele is recorded as New Zealand’s worst military disaster, and a key influence on the attitudes to war in the following decades.

In just a few short hours on a miserable Belgian morning over 1,000 New Zealand soldiers were killed and a further 2,000 wounded in an attack on the German front line.

In Massacre at Passchendaele, Glyn Harper brings this ill-fated battle to life. The background to the situation facing the Allies in October 1917 is outlined, and the first assault on Passchendaele is described. This near-perfect military operation brought the New Zealand soldiers much acclaim. However, the second attack, on 12 October 1917, was anything but successful. The rationale of the strategists, the concern of some officers and the desperation of the fighting man are all recorded. Judicious use of diary extracts and recorded interviews transport the reader to the centre of this harrowing event. An appendix lists the names and details of the New Zealand soldiers killed at Passchendaele, a tribute to their sacrifice.

First published in 2000, this 2nd edition published in 2011.

Soft cover, photographs, 208 pages.