HMAS Sydney (II)

Edited by M McCarthy SHOP:9781920843496

The fate of HMAS Sydney (II), last sighted in November 1941 following a battle with the German raider Kormoran, has been Australia’s most enduring maritime mysteries. Then in March 2009 her wreckage was discovered, resolving much of the uncertainty and controversy surrounding the disappearance of the ship and all 674 hands. This book provides an insight into Australia’s greatest Naval tragedy. It includes copies of photographs, charts, sonar images and documents, as well as chapters on the search, the findings of the Cole Inquiry, and managing the wreck. It is edited by Dr M McCarthy, curator in Maritime Archaeology at the WA Museum and leads the museum’s HMAS Sydney/HSK Kormoran research program. He was official observer on board MV Geosounder for the Commonwealth Government when the two wrecks were identified.  Soft cover, 160 pages.

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