The Dark Pocket of Time

Kate Blackmore

War, Medicine and the Australian state, 1914 - 1935. What is the meaning of war to those who live through it? How do most of us, as outsiders, understand the reality of their lived experience? What happens once soldiers are home? And what of their sicknesses, their injuries, even their death? These are just some of the questions that The Dark Pocket of Time explores. Many veterans have lived through unspeakable experiences. Then, on return home, they must deal with unwieldy bureaucracies. This has remained a constant from World War One until the present. Kate Blackmore examines the soldier's war on the Western Front in detail, looking in particular at trench warfare and the medical conditions it spawned. She investigates the origins of the present veterans' system: how medicine became integral to cost-containment; how a particular attitude became entrenched in the repatriation bureaucracy; and how both of these factors profoundly affected the lives of veterans during and after the 'Great War'. Many things have changed for the better over time in Australia. Arguably, some things have not changed at all. Soft cover, 276 pages.