Men of Mont St Quentin

Peter Stanley

On 1 September 1918, the dozen men of Nine Platoon, 21st Australian Infantry Battalion, rose from Elsa Trench and walked across a weedy field toward the German defenders of Mont St Quentin. Within hours, three were dead and five more were wounded. The survivors returned from war, more-or-less intact, to live through the next sixty-odd years in the shadow of that traumatic event. Men of Mont St Quentin tells the story of the men of Nine Platoon and their families. This social history by Dr Peter Stanley was made possible because Garry Roberts, the father of one of the dead, was so grieved by his son Frank's death that he obsessively collected accounts of what happened that afternoon. The Roberts' family papers reveal the lives of Frank's comrades and their families as they came to terms with loss and life after war.

Soft cover, photographs, 298 pages.