Forgotten ANZACS - The campaign in Greece, 1941

Peter Ewer

From a truly ANZAC perspective, this is the largely unknown story of the brave, forgotten ANZACs of 1941 that fought in Greece a generation after the original landing of ANZACs at Gallipoli. In 1941 Australian and New Zealand troops were fighting side by side in Greece against an invading German army that had been triumphant everywhere. With the existence of his force in the balance, General Thomas Blamey invoked the spirit of Gallipoli to inspire his troops. His hopes were quickly dashed. Desperately outnumbered, and fighting in deeply inhospitable conditions, the ANZACs found themselves engaging in a long retreat through Greece, under constant air attack. Most were evacuated by the end of April, but many men got only as far as Crete. Fighting a German paratroop invasion there in May, large numbers were taken captive and spent four long years as prisoners of the Nazis.

Soft cover, photographs, 419 pages.