War Wounds: medicine and the trauma of conflict

Edited by Ashley Ekins & Elizabeth Stewart

War wounds is a fascinating and wide-ranging book in which historians, medical practitioners, military medical officers, surgeons, nurses and veterans explore the impact of war, wounds, and trauma.

War wounds includes chapters on shell shock, self-inflicted wounds and reconstructive surgery in the First World War, medical experiments and disease in the Nazi death camps of the Second World War, and the effects of Agent Orange, anti-personnel mines and sexually transmitted diseases in the Vietnam War. The book also includes the first-hand experiences of medical professionals in the Korean War, Vietnam, and the current conflict in Afghanistan, as well as moving personal stories recounting veterans' experiences of injury, treatment, and eventual recovery.

Contributors include Jay Winter, Ashley Ekins, Elizabeth Stewart, Graham Walker, Peter Edwards, Debbie Lackerstein, and many more.

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Hard cover, photographs, 240 pages.