An Anzac tale

Ruth Starke, illustrated by Greg Holfeld

When Australia pledges its support to Great Britain at the outbreak of the First World War, mates Roy Martin and Wally Cardwell are among the first to enlist.

But what the friends first thought would be an adventure soon turns to disaster The day after the landing at Anzac Cove on 25 April 1915, more than 2,000 of their fellow Anzacs are dead. As the campaign drags on, life for Wally and Roy and their new friend, Tom, becomes a battle of endurance against a plucky enemy, a hostile landscape, flies, fleas, cold and disease. The story of the Anzac campaign, including the battle of Lone Pine, is interspersed with scenes of Australians at home to show the shift from popular support of the Empire at the start of the war to profound disillusionment as the casualties begin to mount.

In this graphic novel, Ruth Starke and Greg Holfeld have collaborated to create an extraordinary and original work for upper primary students on the subject of Gallipoli and the ANZAC campaign. The book is comprehensively indexed, and includes a 1914-15 timeline and small map.

Hard cover, graphic novel/comic, colour illustrations, 72 pages.