Tobruk's Easter Battle 1941

John Mackenzie-Smith

The forgotten Fifteenth’s Date with Rommel’s Champion.

The initial Australian and British victory over Rommels Afrika Korps on Easter Monday 1941 at Tobruk was Germany’s first defeat in the Second World War. The vital actions of Queensland’s 2/15th  Battalion on that day  are investigated by historian John Mackenzie-Smith in this book. Nearly four miles from the outer perimeter near El Adem crossroads, the 2/15th were dug in around two gallant Royal Horse Artillery batteries, which incurred heavy losses in turning around a concerted Panzer attack. In that battle the 2/15th A Company delivered the final blow to the accompanying German infantry, led by the formerly invincible Lt Colonel Gustav Ponath, who was killed in the field.

Soft cover, photographs, 173 pages.

Tobruk's Easter Battle 1941