Beaten down by blood

Michele Bomford

The Battle of Mont St Quentin-Peronne 1918 charts an extraordinary journey from the trenches facing Mont St Quentin on 31 August 1918 through the frenetic phases of the battle until the final objectives are taken on 5 September 1918.

This is the story, often told in the words of the men, of the capture of the ‘unattackable’ Mont and the ‘invincible’ fortress town of Péronne, two of the great feats of Australian forces in the First World War. Author Michele Bomford places real men on the battlefield, describing their fears, courage and their often violent deaths. The struggle for control of the battle, to site the guns, to bridge the Somme and maintain communications are portrayed in vivid detail. It offers a glimpse of the men’s families at home, their anxiety and their life-long grief.

Soft cover, illustrated, photographs, 293 pages.