Wireless at war

Peter R Jensen SHOP:9781922013477

Since 1895, when the history of wireless communication began, some of the most inspired and significant technological advances have been spurred by warfare. After 1900, as the potential advantages of wireless technology to the battlefield and for marine warfare became known, interested industrial organisations multiplied, keeping pace with the growth of the armies and navies. That twentieth-century warfare helped to speed the development of radio and electronic communications is important to note.

Describing how warfare has led to improved systems of communications and a progressive diminution in size and weight of apparatus is one of the main objectives of this book. In following the development of military wireless or radio initially, Great Britain is a major source of Australian inspiration; only later does America appear in the context of military radio used in Australia. This reflects the developments in Australia’s international relationships

The book is copiously illustrated with 250 photographs and diagrams. For the enthusiasts there are projects showing how to make some of the radios featured in the book.

Soft cover, illustrations, 352 pages.

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