Jack's bugle

Krista Bell and Belinda Elliott

In 1914 Aidan Jackson, 'Jack' to his Army mates, is a young man who is proud to join up and excited about the adventures that await him, especially as he is the first person from his farming family to travel overseas. He takes with him the shiny new brass bugle given to him by his family on his 18th birthday, and it is the bugle's journey we follow until finally back in Australia decades later, it is given to another young boy named Jackson.

Jack's Bugle is a celebration of the music, optimism, mateship and the ultimate peace that were part of "the war to end all wars". Set against the background of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War, this beautiful picture book is enhanced by watercolour illustrations by Belinda Elliot.

Hard cover, illustrated, 32 pages.

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