Such is war - Diaries of a Signalman

Cecil Anderson, Edited by Jeanie Cox and Joscelyn Lobegeiger

The seige of Tobruk during the Second World War was a 241 day campaign in Northern Africa critical to the defence of Egypt and the Suez Canal. Tobruk was subjected to repeated ground assaults and constant bombing and shelling by the Italian-German forces. Nazi propaganda called these defenders ‘rats’ a term the Australians took as an ironic compliment.

Cecil Anderson was a signalman during the Tobruk campaign, and was in a position to receive top secret information on troop movements. Like many Australians he wrote diaries based on his thoughts and experiences. These diaries have been written with humour and candidness and at times like poetry, and supplemented with maps and high quality photographs as he was a keen photographer. 

Soft cover, photographs, 177 pages.