The soldiers' wall

Lyris Mitchell

The restoration of Brisbane’s City Hall was not meant to be an archaeological dig. Unexpectedly, a number of artefacts of historical importance were discovered by the construction workers. In 2008, during the early stages of the renovation, a covered wall was found in the basement with the pencilled signatures of men who had enlisted into the Australian Army during the Second World War. Consistent with the military presence at the time, a number of American servicemen’s signatures were also found.  The timing of this discovery was auspicious as it was made on the eve of the 70 anniversary of the War. Most of the men were identified and placed on the Brisbane City Council website in September 2009.

The public tours of the wall were limited owing to the ongoing renovation work, but visitors were enthusiastic about this rare find. Many of them provided information and anecdotes and asked questions about the wall and the Second World War generally. This book answers most of those questions as well as providing an insight into the life and times of the men who signed the wall.

Author Lyris Mitchell became familiar with the Heritage listed Soldiers’ Signature Wall while working as a tour guide at Brisbane’s City Hall.

Soft cover, photographs, 269 pages.