Afghan sun: defence, diplomacy, development and the Taliban

Stuart Yeaman

When the United States were looking for answers to solve the problems in Afghanistan they were drawn to the success of the Royal Dutch Armed forces in the rugged province of Uruzgan. The Dutch credited the success in that province to their approach of diplomacy, development and defence. What they didn’t mention was the part played by their Australian allies.

Afghan Sun is a compelling account of modern Australian soldiers living and fighting during the summer fighting season of 2008 in Uruzgan province. Opening the door on Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan, we are able to glimpse how the war has been managed and conducted from the perspective of one of the commanders on the ground.

Stuart Yeaman, AM, served with the Royal Australian Engineers for 26 years and was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his time in command of the Fourth Reconstruction Task Force.

 Soft cover, 370 pages.