Alfred's war

Written by Rachel Bin Salleh, illustrated by Samantha Fry SHOP:9781925360608
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A powerful story about the contribution that Indigenous servicemen made to Australia's war effort.

Alfred was a young Indigenous soldier when he was injured and shipped home from France, he suffered unexpected hardships upon his return to Australia. Alfred adopted a solitary life walking the back roads with his billy and his swag, finding work wherever he could.

Alfred was a forgotten soldier. Although he had fought bravely in the Great War, as an Aboriginal man he wasn't classed as a citizen of his own country. Yet Alfred always remembered his friends in the trenches and the mateship they had shared. Every year on Anzac Day, Alfred walked to the nearest town, where he would quietly stand behind the people gathered and pay homage to his fallen mates.


Suitable for ages 3+.

Hard cover, illustrations, 36 pages.

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