Diorama gift card: Bullecourt

The dioramas are counted among the greatest treasures of the Australian War Memorial’s collection. The idea for the dioramas emerged out of discussions during the First World War between Charles Bean, one of the Memorial’s founders, and a group of war artists. Bean saw them as works of art, an emotive way of conveying to people in Australia a sense of the devastation and danger of battle, and the sacrifice and sufferings of the people to whom the Memorial is dedicated.

This diorama gift card features Bullecourt, which is on display in the First World War gallery.

The image is printed in gloss on high quality card stock and includes a description of the original diorama. Cards measure 21.5 x 10.5cm folded, 43 x 10.5cm open. White envelope is included so your card is ready to send.

Leslie Bowles and Louis McCubbin, Bullecourt, 1930, mixed media, 400 x 730 x 215 cm, ART41022 (detail).