Beneath Hill 60 collectors edition DVD

On 7th June 1917, nineteen massive mines exploded beneath Messines Ridge near Ypres. The largest man-made explosion in history up until that point, shattered the landscape and smashed open the German lines. Ten thousand German soldiers died. Two of the mines - at Hill 60 and the Caterpillar - were fired by men of the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company, comprising miners and engineers rather than parade-ground soldiers.  Benealth Hill 60 tells the devastatingly brutal true story of this subterranean war waged beneath the Western Front - a battle-ground where men drowned in viscous chalk, suffocated in the blue gray clay, choked on poisonous air or died in the darkness, caught up in vicious hand-to-hand fighting... This Australian feature film was released on DVD in 2011 and is based on a extraordinary true story by historian and film-maker Will Davies. 

Rated M (mature themes, violence and coarse language), PAL, region 4, English captions: descriptive subtitles for the hearing impaired, duration 117 minutes plus 40 minutes featurette The making of Beneath Hill 60