Toy: Pigeon

Handcrafted by Hansa SHOP:HC6299

Renowned for their ability to fly at high altitudes, with considerable speed, and then return home again, the carrier pigeon became invaluable to Australian (and other) armed forces during the First and Second World Wars. Carrying messages across enemy lines was a dangerous task, one which saw many birds shot down and messages intercepted.

For their gallant services, two humble carrier pigeons from Australia (DD.43.T.139 and DD.43Q.879) were awarded the Dickin Medal, in acknowledgement of their outstanding acts of bravery or devotion to duty during the Second World War.


This surprisingly realistic pigeon will appeal to bird fanciers of all ages. Designed to be loved, the toy is completely squashable (no internal components).


Suitable for children aged 3+.

Measurements: 19 cm (h) x 30 cm (l).

Care instructions: hand wash only.

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