Pozieres DVD

Written and Directed by Wain Fimeri

Pozieres is a tiny village in Northern France. In 1916, during the First World War, it became the site for an insane battle. The village was stormed and captured by Australians. In less than seven weeks they suffered twenty three thousand casualties for this tiny patch of earth. Pozieres is a twentieth century tragedy. This film which stars Helen Morse and David Tredinnick, takes the viewer back in time. The camera finds young men in the fields and trenches of France, railway carriages in Egypt and the Australian bush. We meet their families in the parlours of small cottages and rowdy public meetings in Australia. Everyone is touched in some way by this tiny village, and eighty four years later we go back to Pozieres to find out, was it all worth anything. Classification: Exempt (Suggested rating M 15+). Duration approximately 52 mins.