Notepad: Field Marshal Potato Pete

Custom works

This stylish range reproduces classic poster art from Australia and Britain’s wartime past. These posters played a key role in encouraging men and women to support the war effort. British Second World War poster depicts ‘Potato Pete’ dressed as a Field Marshal. ‘Potato Pete’ was the product of a campaign for healthy eating, the minimisation of waste, and the use of potatoes, instead of bread as a source of carbohydrate.

The poster is entitled: Field Marshal 'Potato Pete', c. 1939-1945, offset lithograph on paper, 74.8 x 49.4 cm, AWM ARTV01362

Artist unknown

This handy notepad contains approximately 60 blank pages of recycled paper. To keep the pages tidy an elastic keeper is attached.

Notepad measures 14.8 x 10.5 cm