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Description Carrier machine-gun Also know as Universal or Bren gun carriers, the Australian Carrier machine-gun was based on the British Bren Carrier No. 2 Mk 1, built by Vickers, and modified for Australian conditions. The first Australian Carrier was built at the Victorian Railways Workshops, Newport, in March 1940 and was given the designation Carrier machine-gun local pattern (LP) No. 1. Two subsequent models, Carrier machine-gun LP Nos. 2 and 2A, were also developed and based on the design of the British Universal Carrier. These latter models were built by the Ford Motor Company, Homebush, NSW; the Victorian Railways Workshops; the Metropolitan Gas Company, Fitzroy, Vic.; the South Australian Railway Workshops, Islington; and the State Engineering Works at Fremantle, WA. The Carrier was initially used to train tank crews in Australia. As it was fast and agile, the machine-gun was also used by divisional cavalry regiments as scout vehicles and by infantry battalion carrier platoons as transport vehicles. Fifty Australian Carriers served with Australian troops in the Middle East, some of which were destroyed or captured in Greece. Specifications Carrier machine-gun LP No. 1 Armament: Vickers machine-gun in the front port, Bren or Lewis guns in the rear, or a .55-calibre Boys anti-tank rifle Armour: 12 mm Crew: 2 (min.) Power plant: Ford V8 water-cooled petrol engine, 85 hp at 3,500 rp/m Speed (max.): 50 kp/h Length: 3.65 m Height: 1.6 m Width: 2 m Weight: 3.75 t Collection item Search for related collection items

Carrier machine-gun