Parent subjectAmerican tanks (WW2 period)
Description Grant tank The American M3 medium tank, called a “Lee” or “General Lee” by the Americans, was distinctive from most other tanks: its main weapon, a 75 mm gun, was mounted on a sponson on the side of the vehicle, while a 37 mm gun was mounted in the turret. As the American model had a very high profile, the British and Commonwealth services equipped their design with a lower turret. The British tanks were called “Grants” or “General Grants”, and also required one less crew member than a Lee. Like the Stuart light tanks, the Grant tanks were shipped directly from the United States to Australia under Lend Lease agreement. Between April and December 1942, 757 Grants were delivered to Australia. Large and awkward vehicles, Grants were mainly used by armoured units for training in Australia and did not see service outside Australia. Specifications Medium tank M3A5 Armament: 75 mm M2 or M3 gun, 37 mm M5 or M6 gun, two .30-calibre Browning machine-guns Armour: 51 mm Crew: 6 Power plant: Twin General Motors 60446 series 71 diesel; other models had a Wright 6-cylinder radial air-cooled petrol engine Speed (max.): 42 kp/h Length: 5.64 m Height: 3.12 m Width: 2.72 m Weight: 30 t Collection item Search for related collection items

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