Parent subjectAmerican tanks (WW2 period)
Description Stuart light tank From 1941 to 1943 about 370 M3 Stuart light tanks were delivered to Australia. Most came directly from manufacturers in the United States and were supplied under Lend Lease, while some also came from the United Kingdom. Stuarts of various models and modifications were sent to Australia, including about fifty with a diesel engine. Stuarts served in Papua in 1942 and 1943, with the 2/6th Armoured Regiment using them in action at Buna and Sanananda to attack Japanese bunkers and fortifications. However, in subsequent campaigns the tanks were replaced by larger and heavier Matilda tanks, which had thicker armour and were better able to penetrate jungle terrain. Specifications Light tank M3 A3 (Stuart V) Armament: 37 mm gun; two .30-calibre Browning machine-guns Armour: 51 mm Crew: 4 Power plant: air-cooled Continental-Wright radial petrol engine Speed (max.): 58 kp/h Length: 4.5 m Height: 2.3 m Width: 2.46 m Weight: 12.3 t Collection items Search for related collection items

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