Brigadier General John Kealty Forsyth

Date of birth1867-02-08 Brisbane, QLD 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1885-11  Enlisted in the Queensland Mounted Rifles as a trooper. 
Date commissioned  1892-07-18  Commissioned as a second lieutenant ion the Queensland Mounted Infantry after serving in all NCO ranks. 
Date promoted  1892-11-04  Promoted to lieutenant. 
Other  1897-08-01  Joined the Queensland Permanant Forces as a staff lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1901-02-01  Promoted to captain. 
Other  1901-03-01 - 1902-02-27  Served as adjutant of the 4th Queensland Mounted Infantry. 
Other  1902-02-28 - 1902-06-30  Served as adjutant of the 2nd Queensland Mounted Infantry. 
Other  1902-07-01 - 1905-11-12  Served as adjutant of the 2nd Queensland Mounted Infantry. 
Other  1905-11-13 - 1906-10-01  Secretary to the Inspector General in Melbourne. 
Other  1907-02-01  Joined the Victorian Instructional Staff 
Other  1907-07-01  Director of Equipment. 
Date promoted  1908-05-28  Promoted to major. 
Other  1909 - 1910  Posted to India on exchange duty. 
Other  1910-12-01 - 1910-12-31  Deputy Assistant Adjutant General for Instruction in Melbourne. 
Other  1911-11-01 - 1912-06-30  GSO2 at Army Headquarters. 
Date promoted  1914-03-01  Promoted to lieutenant colonel. 
Other  1914-08-11 - 1914-08-20  Commanding Officer of the 4th Light Horse Regiment. 
Date and unit at appointment (Officers)  1914-08-15  Joined the AIF as a temporary lieutenant colonel, and appointed to command the 4th Light Horse Regiment. 
Other  1914-12-13 - 1915-08-18  Commanding Officer of the 4th Light Horse Regiment. 
Other units  1915-05-30 - 1915-06-08  Acting commander of the 2nd Brigade at Gallipoli. 
Date promoted  1915-07-26  Promoted to colonel and temporary brigadier general. 
Other  1915-07-26  Commander of the 2nd Brigade. 
Other  1916-03  Evacuated to England due to ill health. 
Other  1916-04  Commander of B Training Group at Rollerstone, England. 
Date returned to Australia  1916-11-12   
Date returned to Australia  1916-12  Returned due to ill health. 
Date of honour or award  1917-01-01  is services on the Western Front. 
Other units  1917-02-16  Commandant of the 4th Military District (South Australia). 
Date promoted  1917-09-24  Promoted to brevet colonel. 
Date promoted  1921-01  Promoted to temporary major general. 
Other  1922  Placed on the unattached list. 
Other  1925-02-09  Retired with the rank of major general. 
Date of death1928-11-12 Sea Lake, VIC