34105 Squadron Leader John Edwin Campbell Gascoigne Flemyng Gyll-Murray

Date of birth1914-01-14  
Other units  1930-09-02  No 7 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1933-09-22  Pilot officer on probation. 
Date promoted  1934-09-22  Graded pilot officer. 
Other units  1935-10-01  No 102 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1936-05-22  Flying Officer. 
Other units  1937-06-01  No 51 Squadron. 
Other units  1937-11-06  Flying Instructor No 11 Flying Training School. 
Date promoted  1938-05-22  Flight Lieutenant. 
Other units  1938-06-13  Flying Examining Officer, Headquarters No 26 Group. 
Other units  1939-02-01  Air Staff (Flying Examining), Headquarters No 50 Group. 
Other units  1939-07-26  Air Staff (Flying Examining), Headquarters No 51 Group. 
Other units  1940-02-19  No 106 Squadron. 
Other units  1940-04-26  No 44 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1940-04-26  Acting squadron leader. 
Date promoted  1940-06-01  Temporary squadron leader. 
Other units  1940-06-14  Commanding Officer No 144 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1940-06-14  Acting wing commander. 
Date promoted  1940-07-14  Squadron leader. 
Other units  1940-12-11  No 14 Operational Training Unit. 
Date promoted  1941-07-01  Acting wing commander. 
Other units  1941-07-01  Commanding Officer No 455 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1941-12-01  Temporary wing commander. 
Other units  1942-01-07  Headquarters RAF Middle East. 
Other units  1942-04-22  Commanding Officer No 244 Squadron. 
Other units  1943-02-28  Air Headquarters, East Africa. 
Other units  1943-09-01  Commanding Officer RAF Station Fort Reitz Middle East. 
Other units  1944-04-14  Headquarters No 12 Group. 
Other units  1944-05-29  Commanding Officer RAF Station Shaibah. 
Other units  1945-06-20  Headquarters Technical Training Command UK. 
Other units  1946-07-19  Noo 100 Personnel Dispersal Centre, Class A release. 
Other units  1947-07-30  RAF Station Uxbridge. 
Other units  1947-10-13  Overseas Aircraft Control. 
Other units  1947-12-27  Air Ministry - Directorate of Navigation. 
Other units  1948-12-01  Air Ministry - Directorate of Control and Rescue. 
Other units  1949-09-26  Air Traffic Control Centre Uxbridge.