39463 Wing Commander Lewis Lea Johnston, DSO

Date of birth1914-06-18  
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1936-01-20  Air cadet. 
Other units  1937-02-19  General Duties Branch, RAF. 
Other  1937-02-19  Short service commission in RAF as pilot officer. 
Other units  1937-02-27  No 2 Flying Training School. 
Other units  1937-05-22  No 207 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1938-09-15  Acting flying officer. 
Date promoted  1938-09-19  Flying officer. 
Date promoted  1939-03-02  Acting flight lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1939-09-03  Flight lieutenant. 
Other units  1940-04-19  No 12 Operational Training Unit. 
Other units  1941-09-01  Commanding Officer No 458 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1941-09-07  Acting squadron leader. 
Date promoted  1941-12-01  Squadron leader. 
Date promoted  1942-02-22  Acting wing commander. 
Date promoted  1942-05-22  Squadron leader (war substantive). 
Other units  1942-07-01  No 458 Squadron, Middle East. 
Date promoted  1942-07-01  Temporary wing commander. 
Other units  1942-07-13  No 70 Squadron. 
Other units  1943-05-14  Rear Headquarters North African Air Force. 
Other units  1943-06-09  No 328 Wing, North West African Air Force. 
Other units  1944-03-14  No 328 Wing transferred to Mediterranean Allied Air Force. 
Other units  1944-06-05  Mediterranean Allied Combined Air Force. 
Other units  1944-06-24  Air Headquarters, Levant Middle East. 
Other units  1944-10-17  No 340 Wing, Mediterranean Allied Air Force. 
Other units  1945-03-05  Middle East Communication Squadron. 
Other units  1945-07-16  Headquarters, Mediterranean Allied Combined Air Force. 
Other units  1945-09-11  Air Minisrtry Unit, UK. 
Other units  1945-09-25  Special Duty List. 
Other units  1946-11-15  No 100 Personnel Dispersal Centre. 
Date promoted  1948-09-27  Permanant commission as squadron leader. 
Other units  1949-01-17  No 236 Operational Conversion Unit. 
Date promoted  1949-01-17 - 1949-12-06  Acting wing commander. 
Other units  1949-12-10  Station Calshot.