37817 Wing Commander Raymond Colin Oswald Lovelock, DFC

Date of birth1912-04-07  
Other  1934-02-01  Probationary Actin Sub Lieutenant Royal Navy Reserve. 
Date promoted  1935-01-29  Actin sub lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1936-03-09  Pupil pilot, RAF. 
Other units  1936-03-09  Civil Flying School Hamble. 
Date promoted  1936-05-04  Acting pilot on probation. 
Other units  1936-05-16  No 10 Flying Training School. 
Date promoted  1937-03-09  Graded pilot officer. 
Other units  1937-07-18  No 204 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1938-12-09  Flying officer. 
Date promoted  1939-09-06  Acting flight lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1940-09-03  Flight lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1941-12-01  Temporary squadron leader. 
Other units  1942-03-09  Trasferred to the Reserve List. 
Other units  1942-05-11  Commanding Officer No 461 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1942-08-13  Acting wing commander. 
Date promoted  1942-11-13  Squadron leader (war substantive). 
Other units  1943-01-14  Commanding Officer No 119 Squadron. 
Other units  1943-07-06  Iceland. 
Other units  1945-01-03  Commanding Officer No 211 Squadron. 
Other units  1945-08-10  No 901 Wing. 
Date promoted  1951-04-20  Granted retnetion rank of wing commander. 
Date promoted  1951-10-01  Flight lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1952-02-16  Granted commission of flight lieutenant RAF Reserve of Officers.