39072 Wing Commander Roy Gilbert Dutton, DSO, DFC & bar

Date of birth1917-03-02  
Other units  1936-01-29  Civil Flying School Hanworth. 
Date promoted  1936-08-24  Acting pilot officer. 
Other units  1936-08-24  General Duties Branch RAF. 
Other units  1937-04-24  No 111 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1937-06-29  Pilot officer. 
Date promoted  1939-01-29  Flying officer. 
Other units  1940-04-01  No 145 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1940-04-04  Acting flight lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1940-09-03  Flight lieutenant. 
Other units  1940-09-16  RAF Station Hornchurch. 
Other units  1941-01-05  No 145 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1941-04-13  Acting squadron leader. 
Other units  1941-04-13  Commanding Officer No 452 Squadron. 
Other units  1941-06-15  Commanding Officer No 19 Squadron. 
Other units  1941-09-15  Air Ministry - Chief of the Air Staff's Department. 
Other units  1942-04-17  Commanding Officer No 141 Squadron. 
Other units  1942-06-29  Transferred to Reserve. 
Other units  1942-11-26  No 1 Aircraft Delivery Flight. 
Other units  1942-12-14  Air Headquarters, Caucausus Headquarters, RAF Middle East and Advanced Air Headquarters, Desert Air Force. 
Date promoted  1943-09-09  Acting wing commander. 
Other units  1943-09-09  Commanding Officer No 4 Ferry Control. 
Date promoted  1943-12-09  Squadron leader (war substantive). 
Date promoted  1944-07-01  Temporary wing commander. 
Other units  1944-12-11  Headquarters 46 Group. 
Other units  1945-01-25  Commanding Officer No 512 Squadron. 
Other units  1945-06-25  Commanding Officer No 525 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1945-09-01  Wing commander (substantive). 
Other units  1946-03-28  Commanding Officer No 46 Squadron. 
Other units  1946-07-22  Headquarters Transport Command. 
Other units  1947-07-20  Duties with United States Air Force - Air Transport Command. 
Other units  1948-05-31  Headquarters Transport Command. 
Other units  1950-01-16  RAF Staff College Bracknell.