40110 Wing Commander William John Harper

Date of birth1916-07-22  
Other units  1930  Sergeant in the Windsor Country School Cadets Corps. 
Date promoted  1937-07-12  Pupil pilot. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1937-07-12  Joined RAF. 
Date promoted  1937-09-05  Acting pilot officer. 
Other units  1937-09-05  Short service commission - General Duties Branch. 
Other units  1941-07-12  Transferred to reserve list. 
Other units  1941-09-06  Commanding Officer No 453 Squadron. 
Other units  1942-04-18  Commanding Officer No 135 Squadron. 
Other units  1943-01-20  Commanding Officer No 92 Squadron. 
Other units  1943-09-15  Commanding Officer University Air Squadron, Leeds. 
Other units  1946-01-01  Directorate of Operational requirements, Air Ministry. 
Other units  1946-02-28  Extended service commission, General Duties Branch. 
Other units  1946-07-01  Permanant commission, General Duties Branch. 
Date promoted  1946-07-01  Flight lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1949-04-22  Wing commander. 
Other units  1949-09-22  Retired list.