74699 Wing Commander John Arthur Gordon Coates

Date of birth1920-09-28  
Other units  1939-10-03  Commission, General Duties Branch of RAF volunteer Reserve. 
Date promoted  1939-10-03  Pilot officer. 
Other units  1939-12-30  Service Flying Training School. 
Other units  1940-07-30  No 608 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1940-10-03  Flying officer. 
Other units  1941-06-10  No 203 Squadron. 
Date promoted  1941-08-07  Acting flight lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1941-10-03  Flight lieutenant (war sunstantive). 
Date promoted  1942-01-26  Acting squadron leader. 
Other units  1942-06-20  Headquarters No 201 Group. 
Date promoted  1943-10-04  Acting wing commander. 
Date promoted  1944-01-04  Squadron leader (war substantive). 
Other units  1944-04-01  Air Headquarters Eastern Mediterranean. 
Other units  1945-07-25  Command Station Sambury. 
Other units  1945-09-11  No 20 Aircrew Holding Unit. 
Other units  1946-04-23  No 21 Air Crew Holding Unit. 
Other  1946-07-08  Released. 
Other  1946-10-21  Last day of service. 
Date promoted  1950-08-01  Wing commander. 
Other unts  1950-08-01  Regimental Branch of the Reconstituted Royal Auxiliary Air Force 2608 Light Anti-Aircraft Squadron. 
Other unts  1951-11-05  General Duties Branch, Royal Auxiliary Air Force Reserve of Officers.