NX6 Lieutenant Vivian Theophilus England, DSO

Date of birth1894-06-04 Sydney, NSW 
Date commmissioned  1918-10-02   
WW1 Service 2  1918-10-02  2lieutenant 
WW1 Service 3  1919-01-02  lieutenant Air Fore Cross 
Interwar Service 1  1920-10-01  lieutenant SUS 
Interwar Service 2  1923-02-01  Captain 
Interwar Service 3  1923-08-07  Reserve of Officers 
Interwar Service 4  1926-04-01  Retired List 
Interwar Service 5  1928-06-29  33rd battalion 
Interwar Service 6  1929-06-29  major 
Interwar Service 7  1929-07-01  Unattached List 
Interwar Service 8  1932-01-08  55th battalion 
Interwar Service 9  1935-07-01  lieutenant colonel commanding officer 55th battalion 
Interwar Service 10  1937-08-01 - 1941-03-13  commanding officer 55/53rd battalion 
Career summary 1  1939-10-13  seconded: 2/3rd; Rank on appointment: 
Date and unit at appointment (Officers)  1939-10-13 - 1941-03-13  Commanding officer of 2/3 Battalion, 6 Division, 16 Brigade. 
Appointment  1939-10-13 - 1941-03-13  Battalion: 2/3rd: Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: commanding officer 55th battalion; Reason for end of appointment: age new command-training unit: 6th Australian infantry training Brigade 
Career summary 2  1939-10-16  enlisted 2AIF 
Career summary 3  1940-02-02  arrived Middle East 
Career summary 4  1940-10-08 - 1940-11-10  course Middle East Tactical School (senior 
Career summary 5  1940-11-26 - 1940-12-02  attached 16th Australian infantry training battalion 
Citations 2  1941-01-05  'For gallantry and devotion to duty during the attack on BARDIA during the period 3 Jan. 41 to 
Career summary 6  1941-03-07  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order 
Career summary 7  1941-03-13  commanding officer 6th Australian infantry training Brigade 
Career summary 9  1941-09-18  ED 
Career summary 10  1941-12-24  medical downgrade 'assessed as fit for duties other than activve service with field formations' 
Career summary 11  1941-12-27  temporary colonel temporary brigadier commanding officer AIF Middle East reinforcements Depot 
Career summary 8  1941-12-27  Mentioned in the CiC's Dispatch on Operations Aug 39-Nove 40 
Career summary 12  1942-02-11  commanding officer AIF Middle East reinforcements Depot No.2 
Career summary 14  1942-05-23  commanding officer AIF Base Area (Adela 
Career summary 13  1942-05-23  Returned to Australia (4MD) 
Career summary 15  1942-08-24  commanding officer Volunteer Defence Corps NSW Lines of Communication Area 
Career summary 16  1945-01-31  relinquished command Volunteer Defence Corps... 
Career summary 17  1945-04-06  medical downgrade Class B2 'Const (H) & vision unfit heavy work & mental stress' 
Career summary 18  1945-04-10  honourary brigadier Reserve of Officers 
Citations 6    He set a fine example throughout the battle 
Citations 4    On 4 Jan. he again led his Bn. with dash and determination forward, captured all objectives and many more prisoners. His aggressive action contributed very much to the fall of the town of BARDIA 
WW1 Service 1    12 Light Horese regiments 
WW2 Service 1    Bardia-Benghazi 
Citations 7    -Ext Sheet DN 4/41 LG Supp 35157/41 
Citations 3    He gallantly and successfully led his Bn. on 3 Jan. 41 in an attack on the high ground overlooking BARDIA during which his Bn. captured all objective and serveral thousands of prisoners 
Citations 5    On 5 Jan. he again led his Bn. and cleared his sectin of the perimeter of the remaining elements of the enemy 
Date of death1951-09-19  

Occupation: Civil Engineer - Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission (Public Servant)