NX12221 Noel William 'Red Fox' Simpson, CB, CBE, DSO & Bar

Date of birth 1907-02-22  Sydney, NSW 
Date commissioned  1926-03-29   
Interwar Service 1  1926-03-29  lieutenant 17 battalion 
Interwar Service 2  1929-09-01  35/33 battalion 
Interwar Service 3  1930-08-18  captain 
Interwar Service 4  1932-06-10  Unattached List 
Interwar Service 5  1934-10-16  34 battalion 
Interwar Service 6  1937-08-05  45 battalion 
Interwar Service 7  1939-11-07  major 
Interwar Service 8  1940-05-01  2/13 battalion 
Appointment  1942-03-07 - 1944-02-27  Battalion: 2/17th; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: second in command 2/13th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: new command -infantry battalion 
Appointment  1944-02-28 - 1945-03-21  Battalion: 2/43rd; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: commanding officer 2/17th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: promotion field command: Comd 29th Brigade 
Career summary 15    Other 1945-03-28 Arrived Bougainville.  
Citations 4    Bar to Distiguished Service Order:  
Career summary 21    Other 1959 - 1960-12 General Officer Commanding 3rd Division  
Career summary 18    Date of honour or award 1947-05-06 Mentioned in Despatches  
Career summary 13    Other 1945-03-21 Temporary Brigadier Commander 29th Brigade.  
Career summary 6    Date of Honour or award 1943-01-17 Distinguished Service Order  
Career summary 7    Other 1943-11-13 Attached Headquarters 24th Brigade  
Career summary 9    Date of Honour or Award 1944-04-06 Bar to Distinguished Service Order.  
Citations 6    Road it was counter attacked by the enemy, for the seventeen days in October it was heavily pressed by enemy parties which penetrated through the thick undergrowth very close to our positions. Battalion Head Quarters. itself was on several occasions under fire from enemy snipers who got within 100 yards of it and caused several casualties; the battalion's normal supply route was cut by the enemy and the whole battalion was in danger of being completely surrounded. Lieutenant Colonel Simpson by hi men yielded no ground and by aggressive patrolling harassed the enemy. We were thus enabled to hold the locality which was vital to our further operations against Sattleberg. For several weeks at a later stage of the campaign Lieutenant Colonel Simpson commanded a brigade during the temporary absence of the brigade commander. In that capacity he showed the same military skill and sound judgement.' 
Career summary 5    Date of promotion 1942-03-07 1944-02-28 Temporary Lieutenant Colonel Commanding Officer 2/17th Battalion  
Career summary 12    Other 1944-07-17 - 1944-07-31 Attached Headquarters 24th Brigade.  
Career summary 17    Other 1946-04-18 Relinquished Command 23rd Brigade  
Career summary 16    Other 1945-11-29 Command 23rd Brigade.  
Career summary 19    Other 1953 1959 Commander 6th Brigade  
Career summary 8    Date of Promotion 1944-02-28 Commanding Officer 2/43rd Battalion  
Career summary 10    Other 1944-05-18 1944-05-29 Malaria.  
Career summary 1    Date Enlisted 1940-05-06 2nd Australian Imperial Force, Major 2/13th Battalion  
Career summary 4    Date of promotion1942-01-03 2/13th Battalion Company Commander  
Career summary 3    Other 1941-01-07 Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Headquarters 7th Division  
Career summary 2    Other 1940-05-06- 1940-06-13 Attached Headquarters 20th Brigade  
WW2 Service 4    El Alamein 
Career summary 23    Date of Honour or Award 1963 Commander of the Order of the Bath. 
Career summary 22    Other 1960-12 1962 Citizens Military Forces, Member Military Board  
Career summary 14    Date of Promotion 1945-03-21 Colonel.  
Career summary 20    Date of Honour or award 1956 Commander of the Order of the British Empire  
WW2 Service 2    New Guinea 
Citations 5    During the campaign in New Guinea, in 1943, Lieutenant Colonel Simpson consistently showed great energy, very sound military judgement and personal bravery and endurance. He was in the field throughout the operations at Lae, Finschafen and in the advance up the Huon Peninsula. He marched with his battalion on many long and arduous moves in most difficult country during which the advanced elements of his force were in contact with the enemy. The rapid and successful accomplishment of these moves which were of great importance in our operations was largely due to his own determination. When his unit was holding a position near Jivevenang controlling a sector of the Sattleberg 
Citations 1    Distinguished service Order:  
WW2 Service 1    WWII Benghazi 
Career summary 11    Other 1944-06-02 - 1944-06-26 Attached Headquarters 24th Brigade.  
Citations 2    Lieutenant Colonel Simpson commanded 2/17th Australian Infantry Battalion in the operations near Alamein which took place on the night 23 October 1942 and succeeding days. Throughout this time his battalion was continually engaged with the enemy. It took a successful part in a major attack on the night 23rd October and in further offensive operations on the following night. Thereafter it held various parts of our front including for a period the important area of Point 29 and was continually in a forward position. During these operations the battalion was in close contact with the enemy and subjected to a succession of counter-attacks by tanks and Infantry and to constant and heavy artillery and small arms fire. Although required to hold a very wide frontage and with its strength much reduced by continuous casualties, the battalion yielded no ground, and every man played his part throughout the battle. That the unit was so resolute in most exacting and wearying circumstances was due in very large measure to Lieutenant Colonel Simpson's tenacity of purpose, imperturbable character and firm control of his command.'-Ext Sheet DN 10/43, LG Supp 35898/43  
WW2 Service 3    Bougainville 
Date of death 1971-11-18   

Militia Number: 386621; Occupation: Bank Officer