NX457 Colin Henry Grace, DSO

Date of birth1909-07-17 Sydney NSW 
Interwar Service 1  1927-06-01  PTE-SGT Sydney University Regiment 
Date and unit at enlinstment (ORs)  1927-06-01   
Interwar Service 2  1931-02-10  lieutenant Sydney University Regiment 
Date commissioned  1931-02-10   
Interwar Service 3  1937-09-10  captain 
Career summary 1  1939-10-14  course Command and Staff School company commander #11 1 
Career summary 2  1940-05-21  enlisted 2AIF 
Career summary 4  1940-06-01  POSTED 2/15th battalion remain seconded for STAFF DUTIES 
Career summary 3  1940-06-01  seconded captain liaison officer Headquarters 7thDivision 
Career summary 5  1940-06-07  temporary major 
Career summary 6  1940-11-24  arrived Middle East 
Career summary 7  1940-11-30 - 1941-01-26  course Middle East Tactical School (Int) 
Career summary 8  1941-03-12  major 
Career summary 9  1941-11-29  returned to unit (2/15th battalion ) as 2iC 
Career summary 10  1942-02-17 - 1942-04-08  course Middle East Tactical School (senior O 
Career summary 11  1942-10-22  attached Headquarters 20th Brigade 14 
Career summary 12  1943-02-27  Returned to Australia (Syd) 
Career summary 13  1943-05-11  temporary lieutenant colonel, commanding officer 2/15th battalion 
Appointment  1943-05-11 - 1945-12-14  Battalion: 2/15th; Rank on appointment: major, temporary lieutenant colonel ; Appointed from: 2iC 2/15th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: demobilised 
Career summary 14  1943-08-04  arrived New Guinea 
Career summary 16  1944-03-12  Returned to Australia (Bris) 
Career summary 17  1944-03-17  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order 
Career summary 18  1944-07-03 - 1944-08-05  attached Land Headquart 
Career summary 19  1944-08-18  medical (malaria) 6 
Career summary 20  1945-04-09 - 1945-05-19  Special 
Career summary 21  1945-04-21  arrived Morotai 
Career summary 24  1945-12-14  relinquished command 2/15th 
Career summary 25  1945-12-19  Returned to Australia (Bris) ex Labuan 
Career summary 26  1946-01-15  Reserve of Officers 
Career summary 27  1947-07-18  ED 
Career summary 29  1948-04-01  commanding officer Sydney University Regiment 
Career summary 30  1951-06-30  Reserve of Officers 
Career summary 31  1955-01-21  S Comd officers Staff group 
Career summary 32  1958-07-22  Reserve of Officers 
Career summary 22    medical 
Citations 4    In these operations Lt-Col GRACE showed not only sound military judgement but also a marked disregard of danger in getting by close personal observation of the ground, the information he wanted for the formation of his plans.' 
Citations 3    In October his battalion drove the enemy from strongly defended positions near KUMAWA and later again by vigorous action forced his retirement from the NONGARA area. 
Career summary 15    lieutenant colonel (bd 11 May 43) substantive rank confirmed during 44 
Career summary 28    *** POST WAR *** 
Citations 2    'Shortly after landing at SCARLET BEACH on 22 Sep 43 Lt.-Col GRACE'S battalion was ordered to overcome an enemy position at KATIKA which by heavy fire from strongly constrcuted posts had caused numerous casualties and was delaying our advance inland, Lt.-Col GRACE himself went forward to make a reconnaissance from a position in close proximity to the enemy whose snipes were most active. As a result of this close reconnaissance he was able to form a plan for the employment of his mortars and the move of part of his battalion, which, threatening the enemy's flank, caused him to withdraw. Later in the campaign his battalion crossed the BUMI River against enemy opposition and captured dominating ground from which the final attack on the enemy defences of FINSCHHAFEN was launched. These engagements of his unit were directed by Lt.Col GRACE with skill and again as the result of reconnaissance which he made from forward positions. 
Career summary 23    medical 

Background: BA, LLB; Cadet Service: 1 year senior Cdt; Militia Number: 2/78996; Occupation: Office Manager