• QX33882 Charles William Davidson, OBE

    Date of birth1897-09-14 Brisbane QLD 
    Date commissioned  1917-12-01   
    WW1 Service 1  1917-12-01  temporary lieutenant 
    WW1 Service 2  1918-07-01  lieutenant 
    Interwar Service 1  1920-07-01  lieutenant Reserve of Officers 
    Interwar Service 2  1939-02-10  lieutenant 42 battalion 
    Career summary 2  1939-12-21  temporary captain 
    Career summary 3  1940-07-11  MOBILISED 
    Career summary 4  1941-03-31  temporary major 
    Career summary 5  1941-04-30 - 1941-05-21  course Royal Military College Duntroon company commander 
    Career summary 6  1941-09-20  full time duty 42nd battalion 
    Career summary 7  1942-03  administering commanding officer  
    Career summary 8  1942-07-27  enlisted 2AIF QX33882 
    Career summary 9  1942-08-05 - 1942-09-28  course course Regimental Commanders School School #1 ('B'  
    Career summary 10  1942-09-06  commanding officer 42nd battalion 
    Appointment  1942-09-06 - 1944-09-14  Battalion: 42nd; Rank on appointment: lieutenant, temporary lieutenant colonel * When appt commanding officer lieutenant was only subst. rank held, captain and major were both only temp; Appointed from: 42nd battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: deemed medically unfit for duty: Class 'B2' 
    Career summary 12  1943-12-01  Returned to Australia (Townsville ) 
    Career summary 13  1943-12-28  arrived Moresby 
    Career summary 17  1944-05-06 - 1944-07-05  course School of Artillery tank attack (senior  
    Career summary 14  1944-05-10  Returned to Australia (Townsville ) 
    Career summary 15  1944-05-31  Mention in Despatches (gallant & disting service South-west Pacific Area 1 Apr-30 sep 43) 
    Career summary 18  1944-08-31  evacuated Malaria benign tertian (a type of malaria) 18 
    Career summary 19  1944-09-01  medical DOWNGRADE 'B2' 'Unfit for service outside Aust. Fit for duties within the above [????] of above classification. Release to industry should be considered as he is a primary producer and has lengthy service in two wars.' 
    Career summary 20  1944-09-14  relinquished command 42nd battalion 
    Career summary 21  1944-09-28  attached Headquarters 29th Brigade 
    Career summary 24  1944-09-30  Mention in Despatches (1 Apr 
    Career summary 22  1944-11-25  evacuated Dyspepsia 18 
    Career summary 23  1944-12-02  Reserve of Officers 
    Career summary 11  c 1943-01-12  arrived New Guinea 
    Served    1914-1918 Command: ; Service: Western Front 
    Citations 3    EXT Sheet DQ 7/45 
    WW2 Service 1    New Guinea 
    Career summary 16    [sometime in 1944 promoted to subst. ranks of captain & major (bd 1 Sep 42) and lieutenant colonel (bd 6 Sep 42) ] 
    Citations 2    'Lt/Col DAVIDSON took over command of the 42 Battalion on 6th Sept. 1942. Laregley as a result of the ability this officer has shown, and the energy and enthusiasm with which he has applied himself to the training of his battalion, the unit has reached a high standard of efficiency. When brought into action during the Markham Valley operations, the battalion acquitted itself well. The high standard of morale and battle efficiency of the unit re principally attributable to the power of command and leadership of its Commanding Officer, and the high sense of duty he has always exhibited.' 
    Career summary 1    lieutenant 42nd battalion  
    Citations 4    CAG 54/45 
    WW1 Service 3    42nd battalion  
    Date of death1985-11-29  

    Background: Son of Scottish migrants from Aberdeen. State primary school. Townsville Grammar.; Militia Number: Q185290; Occupation: Sugar Cane farmer