VX47819 Bernard Evans, DSO,

Date of birth1905-05-13 Manchester UK 
Date commissioned  1924-12-17   
Interwar Service 1  1924-12-17  lieutenant 46th battalion 
Interwar Service 2  1929-03-23  captain 
Interwar Service 3  1934-08-24  major 
Interwar Service 4  1936-11-13  course Assessed fit for command 
Career summary 2  1939-12-15  temporary lieutenant colonel, commanding officer 57/60th battalion 
Appointment  1939-12-15 - 1940-07-01  Battalion: 57/60th; Rank on appointment: major, temporary lieutenant colonel ; Appointed from: major 46th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: new command -infantry battalion: Australian Imperial Force battalion 
Career summary 4  1940-07-01  seconded as commanding officer 2/23rd battalion 
Appointment  1940-07-01 - 1942-11-01  Battalion: 2/23rd; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: commanding officer 57/60th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: promotion field command: 24th Brigade 
Career summary 5  1940-07-22  enlisted 2AIF 
Career summary 6  1940-12-17  arrived Middle East 
Career summary 7  1941-12-26  Mention in Despatches (Feb-Jul 41) 
Career summary 8  1941-12-30  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order 
Career summary 9  1942-03-12 - 1942-05-15  attached Headquarters 26th Brigade 13-26 Jan 
Career summary 10  1942-06-17 - 1942-07-02  course Middle East Tactical School (senior O 
Career summary 11  1942-06-30  Mention in Despatches (Jul-Oct 41) 
Career summary 13  1942-11-01  seconded temporary command 24th Brigade 
Career summary 12  1942-11-01  relinquished command 2/23rd battalion 
Career summary 14  1942-11-05  colonel (retains temporary BRIG) 
Career summary 15  1943-02-27  Returned to Australia (Syd) 
Career summary 16  1943-03-25  command 24th Brigade (bd 5 Nov 42) reported 
Career summary 17  1943-08-10  arrived Milne Bay 
Career summary 18  1943-11-04  Returned to Australia (Townsville ) 
Career summary 19  1943-11-10  relinquished command 24th Brigade 
Career summary 20  1943-11-17  chief instructor Land Headquarters Tactical School 
Career summary 21  1944-05-31  Mention in Despatches (South-west Pacific Area 1 Apr-30 Sep 43) 
Career summary 22  1944-06-07  ED 
Career summary 23  1945-08-15  command Land Headquarters School of Tactics and Military Intelligence 
Career summary 24  1945-09-15  relinquished command Land Headquarters School of Tactics... 
Career summary 25  1945-10-23  Reserve of Officers colonel (H/BRIG) 
WW2 Service 2    El Alamein 
Citations 2    'The untiring energy and enthusiasm of this commanding officer, his solid leadership and total disregard of personal danger has been the main factor to the successes which have attended the activities of 2/23 Aust. Inf. Bn. With the exception of very brief periods in reserve positions this Bn has been in the FDLs of Tobruk since early in April and during that period Lt-Col. Evans has personally planned and supervisedd the numerous enterprisess designed to ensure the defence of his sector and inflict losses in men, material and morale on the enemy. His personality and unceasing interest in his men as been an inspiration to all ranks.' 
Citations 3    Ext Sheet DV 8/42, LG Supp 35396/41 
WW2 Service 3    New Guinea 
WW2 Service 1    Benghazi 
Career summary 1    major 46th battalion  
Career summary 3    [Indications of full time duty with 4th Training battalion ] 

Cadet Service: Cdt 2lieutenant 30 Jun 23 Cdt lieutenant 31 Dec 23; Occupation: Architect