VX14050 Lieutenant Colonel John Armstrong Corby

Date of birth1895-12-28 Melbourne VIC 
Date and unit at enlinstment (ORs)  1916-07-01   
Other units  1916-07-01 - 1918-08-27  54th Battalion. 
Date commissioned  1918-08-28   
Other units  1918-10-01  5/29th Infantry Regiment. 
Date promoted  1921-03-15  Lieutenant. 
Other units  1921-03-31  60th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1924-03-20  Captain. 
Other units  1930-07-01  57/60th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1933-03-28  Major. 
Other units  1940-05-06  Seconded 2/14th Battalion. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1940-05-06  Enlisted 2nd AIF. 
Other  1940-11-25  Arrived Middle East. 
Other units  1941-05-02  Seconded as command 7th Australian Infantry Training Brigade. 
Other units  1941-05-05  Seconded as commanding officer 21st Australian Infantry Training Battalion. 
Date promoted  1941-05-25  Temporary lieutenant colonel. 
Other units  1941-05-25 - 1942-04-23  2/33rd Battalion. 
Other units  1941-06-06  Commanding officer 2/33rd Battalion. 
Date promoted  1941-11-24  Lieutenant colonel. 
Other units  1942-05-04  15th Australian Infantry Training Brigade. 
Other units  1942-05-23  Commanding officer 15th Australian Infantry Training Battalion. 
Other units  1943-09-28  Commanding officer 34th Battalion. 
Appointment  1943-09-28 - 1943-12-02  Battalion: 34th; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: commanding officer 15th Australian infantry training battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: new command -infantry battalion 
Other units  1943-12-02  Commanding officer 41/2nd Battalion. 
Appointment  1943-12-02 - 1944-05-03  Battalion: 41/2nd; Rank on appointment: commanding officer 34th battalion ; Appointed from: lieutenant colonel; Reason for end of appointment: deemed medically unfit for duty: Class B2 recurrent bronchitis 
Career summary 21  1944-05-03  relinquish (retirement) commanding officer 41/2nd battalion 
Career summary 20  1944-05-03  medical downgrade Class D 
Career summary 23  1944-07-04  Reserve of Officers 
Date of death1970-11-15