• VX5423 James de Mole Carstairs

    Date of birth1914-10-12 Melbourne, VIC 
    Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1939-10-21  Enlisted 2nd AIF. 
    Other units  1939-11-09  2/7th Battalion. 
    Other units  1939-12-07  C Platoon (acting Sergeant). 
    Date promoted  1939-12-08  Appointed sergeant. 
    Date commissioned  1939-12-20  Lieutenant. 
    Other  1940-05-17  Arrived Middle East. 
    Other  1941-03-23  Evacuated sick - conjunctivitis. 
    Other  1941-06-09  Reported missing in action. 
    Other  1942-02-12  Arrived Middle East. 
    Date promoted  1942-02-17  Appointed captain. 
    Other  1942-03-27  Arrived Ceylon. 
    Date returned to Australia  1942-08-04  Returned to Melbourne. 
    Other  1942-10-21  Arrived New Guinea. 
    Other units  1942-12-06  42nd Battalion. 
    Date returned to Australia  1942-12-14  Returned to Sydney. 
    Date promoted  1943-02-10  Appointed major. 
    Date returned to Australia  1943-06-12  Returned to Townsville. 
    Other units  1943-06-19 - 1943-07-31  Land Headquarters Tactical School (Senior Officers). 
    Other  1943-09-19  Arrived New Guinea. 
    Other  1943-12-31 - 1944-01-15  Lae Fort - Training School. 
    Date wounded  1944-01-13  Accidentally wounded during training exercise at Lae. 
    Other units  1944-04-18 - 1945-08-28  Lieutenant colonel and commanding officer 22nd Battalion. 
    Date returned to Australia  1944-08-17  Returned to Brisbane. 
    Other  1945-01-11  Arrived New Britain. 
    Date returned to Australia  1945-09-01   
    Other  1945-10-18  Reserve of Officers. 
    Other  c 1941-04-10  Arrived Greece. 
    Other  c 1943-01-10  Arrived Milne Bay.