NX65 (VP16044) Lewis John Loughran

Date of birth1914-08-02 Daylesford, VIC 
Other  1935 - 1937  Royal Military College 
Date and unit at enlinstment (ORs)  1935-02-11   
Date commissioned  1937-12-15   
Other units  1938-02-01  Attached 4th Division. 
Other units  1938-04-01  Adjutant & Quartermaster 7th Battalion. 
Other units  1939-06-19  Instructor Central Training Depot. 
Other units  1939-10-13  Seconded captain adjutant 2/4th Battalion. 
Date and unit at appointment (Officers)  1939-10-23  Enlisted 2nd AIF. 
Other  1940-02-14  Arrived Middle East. 
Other units  1940-08-19  2/4th Battalion. 
Other  1941-04-07 - 1941-07-26  Course - Haifa Staff College (Middle East Staff School). 
Other units  1941-07-26  Brigade major - Headquarters 19th Brigade. 
Date promoted  1941-09-18  Temporary major. 
Date returned to Australia  1942-03-28   
Other  1942-05-20  General service officer grade 2 Northern Territory Force. 
Other  1942-12-28 - 1943-02-01  Course - Joint Overseas Operation Training School. 
Other units  1943-07-29  General service officer grade 2 Headquarters 5th Division. 
Other  1943-09-01  Arrived Moresby. 
Other units  1943-12-06  Attached General Headquarters South-west Pacific Area general service officer. 
Date promoted  1943-12-06  Major. 
Date returned to Australia  1943-12-17  Returned to Townsville. 
Date promoted  1944-09-06  Temporary lieutenant colonel. 
Other  1944-09-09  Arrived Hollandia. 
Other  1944-11-27  Arrived Philipines. 
Other units  1945-06-01 - 1945-11-05  Commanding officer 8th Battalion. 
Other  1945-06-13  Arrived Lae. 
Date returned to Australia  1945-06-16  Returned to Brisbane. 
Other  1945-07-05  Arrived Bougainville. 
Other  1945-08-26  Arrived Lae. 
Other units  1945-11-05  Major 37/52nd Battalion. 
Other  1945-11-22  Arrived Rabaul. 
Other units  1945-12-18  General service officer grade 2 Headquarters 11th Division. 
Date returned to Australia  1946-04-07  Returned to Sydney. 
Other units  1946-04-30  General service officer grade 1 Headquarters Western Command. 
Other  1948-03-08  Acting director Administering and Planning quarter master general, Headquarters. 
Other  1948-11-16  Adjutant and quarter master general, Q Brigade, Headquarters. 
Date promoted  1949-07-02  Lieutenant colonel. 
Other  1951-05-04  Adjutant and quarter master general (Maintenance) D Administering and Planning, Q Brigade, A Headquarters. 
Other units  1952-06-12  Commanding officer 19th Training Battalion. 
Other  1954-06-28  General service officer grade 1 Training Headquarters Eastern Command. 
Other  1956-06-14  Retired List. 
Date of death1975-02-24