• QX36371 Edward Samuel Miles, DSO

    Date of birth1896-07-22 Laidley QLD 
    Date commissioned  1918-02-02   
    WW1 Service 2  1918-05-03  lieutenant 
    Interwar Service 1  1920-10-01  lieutenant Reserve of Officers 
    Interwar Service 2  1927-12-01  25th battalion 
    Interwar Service 3  1929-03-22  captain 
    Interwar Service 4  1930-07-01  25/49th battalion 
    Interwar Service 5  1934-02-21  Reserve of Officers 
    Career summary 1  1940-07-05  captain 25th battalion 
    Career summary 2  1940-08-05  temporary major 
    Career summary 3  1941-06-19  commanding officer 25th battalion 
    Appointment  1941-06-19 - 1944-01-11  Battalion: 25th; Rank on appointment: captain, temporary major ; Appointed from: temporary major 25th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: deemed medically unfit for duty: knee injury 
    Career summary 4  1941-11-20 - 1941-12-23  course Northern Command Motor Transport Sc 
    Career summary 5  1942-02-03  temporary lieutenant colonel 
    Career summary 6  1942-07-15  arrived New Guinea 
    Career summary 7  1942-07-19  enlisted 2AIF 
    Career summary 8  1943-05-29  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order 
    Career summary 9  1943-06-06  Returned to Australia (Townsville ) 
    Career summary 10  1943-12-04  medical downgrade 'Medically fit to carry out certain duties which require only restricted medical fitness' 
    Career summary 11  1943-12-24  Returned to Australia (Cairns) 
    Career summary 12  1944-01-11  relinquished command 25th battalion 
    Career summary 13  1944-01-17 - 1944-02-04  medical internal derangement, later diagnosed osteo arthritis, lt  
    Career summary 14  1944-03-16  commanding officer 15th Grn battalion 
    Career summary 16  1944-04-20  major (bd 1 Sep 42) retain temporary lieutenant colonel gazetted 
    Career summary 17  1944-04-20  lieutenant colonel (bd 1 Sep 42) gazetted 
    Career summary 18  1944-06-02 - 1944-07-05  course Land Headquarters School of Mechanis 
    Career summary 15  1944-07-12  medical upgrade Class A1 
    Career summary 19  1944-12-14  relinquished command 15th Grn battalion 
    Career summary 20  1945-03-06  medical downgrade Class B2 injury lt knee 
    Career summary 21  1945-03-12  Reserve of Officers 
    WW1 Service 1    2lieutenant 2 Feb 18 49th battalion  
    Citations 2    'This officer has consistently set a high standard of devotion to duty and indifference to danger and fatique to all under his command. Throughout the training period from 17 May to 11 July he spared no effor to develop the fighting effectiveness of his Bn, and in the period of establishment of MILNEFORCE 11 July-25 Aug he contributed greatly to the rapid development of the area. In the fighting at KAINOKA on 30-31 August his Bn. repeatedly beat off attacks by the enemy under conditions of continuous rain, mud and fatigue. Throughout this period Lt.Col. Miles worked unceasingly to organize and perfect the defensive localities and to inflict heavy casualties on the enemy. He directed the recover of valuable enemy equipment and documents in the forward localities and his energy and inspiration were decisive in maintaining a firm base for the subsequent operations in mopping up the coastal area.' 
    Citations 4    Rec'd by Field, COMD 7th Bde 
    Citations 3    EXT Sheet DQ 21/43, LG Supp 36031/43 
    Date of death1983-10-08    

    Background: Technical College, Toowoomba; Militia Number: Q21602; Occupation: Assistant Trains Clerk