• QX55238 Alexander Meldrum, DSO

    Date of birth1892-08-23 Scotland UK 
    Date commissioned  1918-09-16   
    Interwar Service 1  1918-09-16  lieutenant Reserve of Officers 
    Interwar Service 2  1921-03-31  2Light Horse Regiment 
    Interwar Service 3  1924-07-01  Reserve of Officers 
    Interwar Service 4  1939-06-16  61st battalion 
    Career summary 3  1939-11-15  captain 
    Career summary 4  1940-01-26 - 1940-02-08  course Officers & non commissioned officers Sc 
    Career summary 6  1940-06-13  enlisted 2AIF 
    Career summary 7  1940-07-14  major 
    Career summary 8  1940-09-16 - 1940-10-06  course Officer's & NCO's Cse (Kelvin Gr 
    Career summary 11  1941-05-26  commanding officer 61st battalion 
    Appointment  1941-05-26 - 1943-08-19  Battalion: 61st; Rank on appointment: major; Appointed from: major 61st battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: age new command -BU: Moresby Base Sub-Area 
    Career summary 12  1941-09-22  full time duty 
    Career summary 13  1941-11-21  course Northern Command Motor Training School CO's Driving and Maintenance #1 20 
    Career summary 14  1942-01-19  temporary lieutenant colonel (bd 13 Oct 41) gazetted 
    Career summary 16  1943-03-31  Returned to Australia (Townsville ) 
    Career summary 17  1943-05-27  medical dengue 8 
    Career summary 18  1943-05-28  arrived New Guinea 
    Career summary 19  1943-08-19  command Moresby Port Sub Area 
    Career summary 20  1943-12-14  Returned to Australia (Townsville ) 
    Career summary 21  1943-12-16  lieutenant colonel (bd 1 Sep 42) gazetted 
    Career summary 22  1944-02-07  commanding officer 17th Aust Grn battalion 
    Career summary 23  1944-07-14  commanding officer Tatura Internment group 
    Career summary 24  1944-10-20  UFD seconded AIF vide Military Secretary 
    Career summary 25  1944-12-29  commanding officer Murchison prisoner of war group 
    Career summary 26  1946-01-14  relinquished command Murchison... 
    Career summary 27  1946-03-22  medical downgrade Class D osteoarthritis rt knee 
    Career summary 28  1946-03-23  Retired List 
    Career summary 15  c 1942-07-23  arrived New Guinea 
    WW1 Service 1    2Light HorseEgypt, Palestine, Syria 
    WW2 Service 2    New Guinea 
    Citations 2    'This officer has rendered exemplary and gallant service in command of his Bn. During the period of training and carrying out an operational role at TOWNSVILLE during the period 17 May-11 July 1942, he worked untiringly and set a fine example as a leader to all under his command. During the establishment of Milne Force in the period 11 July-25 Aug 1942 he took energetic steps to improve and develop his defensive localtiy in a manner which proved of the greatest value during the fighting period of 25 Aug-10 Sep 1942. His conduct of operations during the latter period was most efficient and with entire disregard for personal fatigue and danger... At all times he maintained the highest espirit de corps in his Bn. who fought the action in continuous rain and under severe conditions of mud and slush. The fortitude and fighting qualities of his Bn. were inspired in a large measure by the complete devotion to duty shown by this officer.' 
    Citations 3    EXT Sheet DQ 21/43, LG Supp 36031/43 
    Career summary 1    lieutenant 61st battalion  

    Militia Number: Q27602; Occupation: Conveyancer