TX2002 Brigadier John Field, CBE, DSO, ED

Date of birth 1899-04-10  Castlemaine, VIC 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1910  Sworn in as a bugler in 8th Australian Infantry Regiment. 
Date commissioned  1923-04-01  Appointed lieutenant in the 7th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1925-07-10  Appointed captain. 
Other units  1927-09-21  40th battalion. 
Other  1934-12-01  Appointed staff officer, 6th District Base. 
Date promoted  1936-11-30  Appointed major to the 40th Battalion. 
Other  1939-04-06  Full time officer in the Militia. 
Other  1939-09-21 - 1939-11-05  Seconded as deputy adjutant and quartermaster general to the 6th Military District Headquarters. 
Other units  1939-10-12  Full time officer in the Militia, 6th District Base. 
Other units  1939-10-13 - 1942-05-08  Seconded to the Second Australian Infantry Force as a lieutenant coloneland commanding officer 2/12th Battalion. 
Other  1940-06-17  Arrived in Scotland. 
Other  1940-11-15  Arrived in the Middle East from the UK. 
Other  1941-10-16 - 1941-12-20  Attended senior officers course Middle East Tactical School. 
Date of honour or award  1941-12-30  Mention in Despatches. 
Date returned to Australia  1942-03-29   
Other units  1942-05-08  Appointed temporary brigadier and commander of the 7th Brigade. 
Other  1942-07-11  Arrived in New Guinea. 
Other  1943-01-14 - 1943-01-09  Attached to Headquarters, 11th Division. 
Other  1943-04-02 - 1943-05-03  Attended senior officers artillery course, Puckapunyal. 
Date returned to Australia  1943-04-03  Returned to Townsville. 
Other  1943-05-07  Arrived in New Guinea. 
Date of honour or award  1943-06-08  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order. 'For valuable and meritorious service while in Comd. of MILNE FORCE from 11 July 42 to 23 Aug. 42, when he handed over command. With very limited resources he most ably initiated and supervised the establishment and development of the manifold and varied installations associated with the creation of new defences and ancillary organisations under very difficult climatic conditions in almost virgin country. In this regard he showed marked energy, ability and resource in the planning and direction involved, and the excellent results achieved in such short space of time are a true reflection of the outstanding qualities and powers applied by him to the task. Further commended for especially valuable service rendered while in command of 7 Aust. Inf. Bde., during the ops at MILNE BAY between 25 Aug 42 and 5 Sep. 42. During this period in the face of trying conditions he was untiring and outstanding in his devotion to duty, and he exhibited extreme coolness and marked ability in command.' 
Date of honour or award  1943-09-02  Efficiency Decoration. 
Other  1943-11-09 - 1943-11-24  Injury, torn calf muscle. 
Other  1943-12-31  Returned to Townsville. 
Other units  1944-03-31 - 1944-07-17  Administering command of the 3rd Division. 
Other  1944-04-17 - 1944-06-26  Attached to Headquarters 3rd Division. 
Other  1944-07-20  Arrived in Moresby. 
Date promoted  1944-09-01  Appointed colonel, retained rank of temporary brigadier. 
Other  1944-10-06  Arrived in Bougainville. 
Date returned to Australia  1945-05-25  Returned to Brisbane. 
Other  1945-07-02  Arrived in Bougainville. 
Other  1945-07-06  Attached to Headquarters, 3rd Division. 
Date returned to Australia  1945-10-02  Returned to Brisbane. 
Other  1945-10-14  Special Duty, Coordinator of Demobilisation and Dispersal. 
Other  1945-10-14  Relinquished command of the 7th Brigade. 
Other  1946-01-11 - 1949-01-10  Appointed aide de camp to the Governor-General. 
Date of honour or award  1946-02-21  Commander of the Order of the British Empire. 'Brig Field as Commander 7 Aust Inf Bde has displayed outstanding powers of leadership and command throughout the present campaign. His cheerfulness and determination, under even the most trying conditions coupled with his unswerving loyalty and devotion to duty have been an inspiration to all ranks under his command. By his solid planning both operational and administrative his Bde was enabled to successfully undertake all operations assigned to it. His Bde were the first Australian Troops in action in this campaign and have borne the brunt of the fighting, having captured LITTLE GEORGE HILL, PEARL RIDGE, ARTILLERY RIDGE, MOSIGNETTA and PURIATA R. and have been responsible for the greater proportion of enemy casualties. Brig. FIELD's experience, sound judgement and understanding have produced the fullest co-operation of all staffs and services. Brig. FIELD has commanded the Bde with distinction since May 42 and gave loyal service with them in Milne Bay, Madang and the present campaign.' 
Other  1946-11-27  Appointed honourary brigadier and transferred to the Reserve of Officers. 
Date of honour or award  1947-04-15  Mention in Despatches. 
Other  1948-02-02  Appointed colonel and temporary Brigadier and commander of the 4th Brigade. 
Date of discharge  1949  Transferred to the Reserve of Officer. 
Date of death 1974-05-12   

Commanding Officer of the 2/12 Battalion and later the 7th Australian Infantry Brigade at Milne Bay, New Guinea.