Central flying schools

The Central Flying School, Werribee, was established at Point Cook, Victoria in February 1914. Regarded as the birthplace of military flying in Australia, Point Cook became the training and assembly point for Australian Flying Corps units proceeding overseas. Eight principal training courses were held there during the First World War for pilots and mechanics drawn from all of Australia's military districts. The first course ran from August to November 1914 and the last in June 1917. CFS was disbanded on 31 December 1919.

The advent of the Second World War led to the reopening of CFS at Point Cook on 29 April 1940. It relocated to Camden, New South Wales on 14 May 1940, and then to Tamworth on 21 April, 1942. The airfield at Tamworth ultimately proved unsuitable and the school moved to Parkes, New South Wales on 18 January 1944. It returned to Point Cook in September of that year and continued to operate after the end of the war. CFS relocated to its current home, East Sale in Victoria, in November -December 1947.