Many of our Trip Advisor reviews recommend spending at least a half day on your visit to the Memorial, so it’s best to prepare.


View maps of the Memorial's galleries, gardens and facilities that can be used to plan what you want to see on your visit.

Tours and experiences

See our Tours page for more information on our free 30, 60 and 90 minute tours of the galleries.

See our Anzac Hall page for information on our showing times of our Striking by night, Over the front, Sydney under attack and Our first naval victory  experiences.


See our Events calendar or download our Autumn brochure for more information about our scheduled art talks, behind the scenes tours and children’s activities.

Assisted access

  • Designated disabled parking is available in the underground and above ground car parks.
  • Access from the underground car park to the  main entrance is via a gradient ramp with handrails.
  • The main stairs have handrails on both sides.
  • The lift for disabled visitors is adjacent to the main entrance at the front of the Memorial.
  • People with low mobility or using wheelchairs can navigate the Memorial via lifts and ramps.
  • Please see our maps for the locations of disabled toilets, lifts and other facilities.


  • The lighting levels vary throughout the Memorial.
  • Some exhibits have low level lighting to protect the objects on display.
  • Other parts of the Memorial – such as the Striking by night experience in Anzac Hall and the Conflicts 1945 to Today galleries – contain bright, flashing lights.

Carers Room

A carers room on the lower level provides private and comfortable seating along with changing and washing facilities.

The disabled toilets in Anzac Hall also have baby changing facilities.


If the Memorial has to be evacuated, public address system announcements will be made and audible alarms will sound. Memorial staff will help visitors to leave the building.