Summer films: Hotel Rwanda (2004)

  • Exhibition time

BAE Systems Theatre, free, 1.30 pm

Rated M, viewing is recommended for persons 15 years and over

Dir: Terry George (121min)

Evoking the horror of the genocide that swept Rwanda in 1994, Hotel Rwanda depicts Paul Rusesabagina’s account of saving hundreds of lives by providing sanctuary to both Tutsi and Hutu in the luxury hotel he managed in Kigali. Released ten years after the genocide, the film was met with acclaim for its inspirational story of courage, and for raising questions about the lack of international intervention. Testimony has since emerged disputing Rusesabagina’s version of events, which adds to the questions posed by this film: what do we learn from dramatised versions of historical events? Can they inspire us, even when we know facts are disputed or rewritten?

Spend Saturdays at the Memorial this February, as we present a collection of films that connect to the special exhibition the Courage for peace. Reflect on the diverse experiences and perspectives of those who seek and protect peace. This is not a ticketed event, so arrive in time to guarantee a seat.

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