Maquettes of War

Maquettes of War

Peter Daly


Artist statement:

This painting is an ongoing commentary on my experiences of war and its aftermath.
I reflected extensively on this topic in both creating and curating, most often with a sum of the parts approach. This painting is about memorising, with focus on how Australian society commemorates the contribution of military personnel who have made sacrifices.  In this narrative, those who have put their life on the line are aware that personal stories are, through time, often lost in translation or forgotten.

Three years after my medical discharge, I visited the Dachau concentration camp in Germany and saw the onsite sculpture by Nandor Glid, which exposed me to another way of representing memory. That image has re-occurred in my memory during time when I’m making art, it reminds me to be considerate and inclusive of circumstances. I have drawn two feminine figures that could be seen as Maquette's, imaginative larger sculptures. The association is that it may remind the viewer of the suffering inflicted on woman in war and the subsequent limited representation in memorials. I have included an iconography, metaphors for agent orange, candles and crosses that are all too familiar reminders of the abhorrence of war.

acrylic on paper

35 x 50 cm