Mark IV Tank - "Grit"

The British Mark IV Female Tank Serial 4643 commanded by Captain N L Brown, was sent to Australia to assist in raising War Loans. Its first stop was Adelaide in September and after a public naming competition the name 'Grit' was bestowed on the tank by Lady Galway, the wife of the South Australian Governor.

The tank then moved onto Melbourne and was exhibited at the Royal Agricultural Show where it was just as popular as it was in Adelaide. In October the tank was railed to Sydney for display. An admission charge of eleven shillings was made for adults and three pence for children. For the sum of ten pounds ten shillings, a ride around a specially constructed circuit could be purchased and for five pounds five shillings, the tank could be inspected at close hand.

The tank was used in few displays during 1919 and was placed in storage in the Army engineering depot in South Melbourne. It was later transferred to the Australian War Museum. Eventually 'Grit' was moved to Canberra and is now on display in Anzac Hall at the Australian War Memorial. 

Photos of 'Grit'

This is a series of images of 'Grit' from the last 90 years as well as an artist's impression of another Mark IV tank.