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Two Men - Two Wars

Two men - two wars pays tribute to two of Australia's most outstanding military commanders; General Sir John Monash and Field Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey.

Two men - two wars, is a combination of two exhibitions; Master of the battlefield - General Sir John Monash and Soldier for a crisis: Field Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey .

Combining the two exhibitions brings together the stories and careers of the two commanders. General Sir John Monash led the Australian Corps through a series of victorious battles in the final stages of the First World War. His command, and the achievements of the troops, became a vital ingredient in forging the Anzac legend.

Sir Thomas Blamey led Australian forces from the beginning of the Second World War, through the desperate and dark days of Japanese advances, to eventual victory in 1945 and is the only Australian to have attained the rank of Field Marshal. Sir Thomas Blamey was born at Lake Albert, near Wagga Wagga in January 1884.

In particular Two men - two wars, highlights the link between the two men, and shows the progress of Sir Thomas Blamey from General Monash's chief of staff in 1918 to Commander-in-Chief and commander of Allied Land Forces during the Second World War.

On show are a number of relics, personal items, photographs and artworks that highlight the two men's contribution to Australia's military history. Included is a walking stick owned by General Monash, which was given to Sir Thomas Blamey after Monash's death. General Monash's army identification disc worn at Gallipoli and a photo of Blamey at Gallipoli further emphasise the link between the two commanders.

Also on display are a number of war souvenirs collected by Monash, including German Iron Crosses captured at Habonnieres, shoulder straps from German prisoners and a rare piece of the propeller from the Red Baron's plane. The Japanese sword surrendered to Blamey at the end of the Second World War is also part of the exhibition.

Two Men - Two Wars
Gallery City State Start Finish
Great Cobar Heritage Centre Cobar NSW 09 May 2002 28 May 2002
Redcliffe Museum Redcliffe QLD 07 June 2002 28 July 2002
Army Museum Bandiana VIC 10 August 2002 15 September 2002
Adelong Alive Museum Adelong NSW 10 October 2002 17 November 2002
Peppin Heritage Centre Deniliquin NSW 21 November 2002 15 December 2002
QANTAS Founders Outback Museum Longreach QLD 23 December 2002 16 March 2003
Newcastle Regional Museum Newcastle NSW 27 March 2003 25 May 2003
The Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne VIC 17 August 2003 28 September 2003