For we are young and free

Understanding who we are as Australians and where we have come from is critical to the continued development of our young nation.

For over a hundred years, Australia has been collecting the stories of Australians at war and on operations. We tell these stories at the Australian War Memorial.

The Memorial is a living, breathing record of our nation’s military history – a place where people are drawn to reflect on the past and gain a deeper understanding of military service.

Reflect on your connection to the Memorial and learn more about the sacrifice of our serving men and women have made, and continue to make, for us.

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Our Values

The Hall of Memory, set above the Pool of Reflection, is the heart of the Australian War Memorial.

It contains 15 stain glass panels; each panel features a figure in the uniform and equipment of the First World War. Each typifies one of the quintessential qualities displayed by Australians in war and on operations, manifestations of the Australian character.



This panel shows an artilleryman holding a gunnery director that helps to aim guns. Above him is the badge of the Australian Imperial Force, and a column with flames representing loyalty to a cause or ideal.



This panel also shows a Lewis gunner (far left). The panpipes clustered and bound together in unity are a symbol of fellowship and good cheer.



This panel shows a nurse, with the Red Cross as the symbol of charity. In the panel above her are a shield bearing the badges of the six states in the Australian coat of arms, and a pelican feeding her young from her bleeding breast, the ancient symbol of devotion.

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