Cobbers' tales


Suitable for pre-school to foundation school students.


By engaging with stories, and through the use of hands-on items, toys and puppets, children will discover how people and animals helped Australia during wartime and in peacekeeping operations; in the past and in the present day.

Visiting the galleries will link the stories and hands-on items to real collection objects and images, and help children to explore how, and why we remember important events from the past.


  • Stories help us to learn about, and remember Australians from the past.
  • Animals and people help each other during wartime.
  • The Memorial helps us to remember important events on special days: Anzac Day, and Remembrance Day.

Curriculum links

How we commemorate past events that are important to us
How stories from the past are communicated
Distinguish between the past, present, and future
Use a range of communication forms e.g. oral, role play


Price $3.30 per student
Duration 30 mins
Maximum number 30 students per hour
Group size 15
Available 9.30 am - 4 pm

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