Transportation of Supplies 1914–18, Palestine Diorama Series

The Transportation of supplies 1914–18, Palestine series comprises nine dioramas depicting the transportation of supplies in the desert campaign of Palestine in 1916. Work began on the series in 1926. It was first displayed at the Memorial in the Palestine gallery, where it remains.

Landing supplies from ships

The diorama depicts supplies being unloaded from ships in the open roadstead at Belah. The supplies are brought ashore in surf boats and moved to a dump above the high-water mark.

Landing supplies from ships, ART41037
AWM ART41037

At the railhead

The diorama depicts a Decauville train of the light railway system unloading at the temporary railhead established at Gamli, south-west of Beersheba. A caterpillar tractor loads up as a laden camel train heads into the desert toward Esani.

At the railhead, ART41038
AWM ART41038

The ship of the desert

The diorama depicts drivers of the Egyptian Camel Transport Corps loading their animals beside the dumps at the Esani supply depot.

The ship of the desert, ART41039
AWM ART41039

After the darkness comes the dawn

The diorama depicts a supply train travelling across the sand dunes toward Beersheba in the light of false dawn.

After the darkness comes the dawn, ART41040
AWM ART41040

The dump at Beersheba

The diorama depicts the dump at Beersheba where the heavy motor columns of the Army Service Corps take over the task of transporting supplies along the highway to Gaza.

The dump at Beersheba, ART41041
AWM ART41041

Within the sound of the guns

The diorama depicts unloading of supplies at the divisional refilling point. Horse-drawn general service wagons are preparing to convey the supplies to the next stage of their journey.

Within the sound of the guns, ART41042
AWM ART41042

Supplies reach a regiment

The diorama depicts general service wagons unloading at a dump in the entrance to a ravine in Palestine. The supplies will later be collected by regimental limbers.

Supplies reach a regiment, ART41043
AWM ART41043

A squadron receives its supplies

The diorama depicts the squadron quartermaster sergeant receiving his daily supplies from the regimental limbers. As they come up from brigade the quartermaster sergeant will issue rations and replacements for equipment or clothing shortages to the squadron’s orderlies.

A squadron receives its supplies, ART41044
AWM ART41044

The long trek ends

The diorama depicts a handful of light horsemen preparing a meal in the shadow of a battle-scarred mosque. Their mounts are tethered under a clump of palms in the background.

The long trek ends, ART41045
AWM ART41045

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